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(Un)governed Spaces

(Un)governed Spaces, an exhibition by Professor Gregory Thielker, opened at Bennington College’s Usdan Gallery on Tuesday, October 28. This exhibition focuses on the Bagram region in Afghanistan and is a collaboration with anthropologist Noah Coburn. Featuring a thirty-five foot long panoramic painting of Shomali Plain north of Kabul as well as smaller paintings, photographs, text, and video, as well as student works done in collaboration.


This exhibition is the result of several years of work and the support of the MUSE program at TCNJ with several students in and outside of that program including Victoria Weiss, Sara Seich, Marko Gidej, Christina Behnan, Jessica Cavanaugh, Tracy Lee, and Jessielyn Palumbo.

The exhibition will be open until December 2nd. Details are below. See images and more information at