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Student Exhibition, “Wounds” and “It’s a Doll’s Life” by Alexandra Kadar

Alexandra Kadar presents:  “Wounds” and “It’s a Doll’s Life”

Opening Reception Wednesday, January 27th,  5-7pm.


A sophomore Visual Art: Lens-based major and Graphic Design minor, Alexandra Kadar offers a show involving three pieces that are tied together in their technical and physical aspects and present a theme of wounds. The first piece is a large hanging installation. There is a giant cut in the ground with large cardboard scissors hanging over it, dripping yarn. It has a creepy yet childlike fun about it, in a Tim Burton-esque sort of way. The second piece is a stop motion video about a psychological wound that the character in the film has experienced. The character’s anxiety is expressed through the repetition and sound of simple, close-up shots, at first orderly, but becoming increasinbly chaotic. The third piece is a video installation which is projected on a canvas cloth hanging from the ceiling, the same material the first installation uses. The viewer is meant to lay down or look up at it. The visual motion toys with the viewer’s sense of gravity and creates a sense of being trapped forever in the circle.

It’s a Doll’s Life
Alexandra’s second exhibition revolves around suburban living and the childhood toys that accompany it, toys that take on new meanings when paired with “adult themes.” One of the pieces is a projection of video footage of the interior rooms of a house; the video questions how much we reveal about our everyday lives and a banality in how structured suburban living can be. One of the other pieces would be a dark box in one of the corners of the room, with a peephole, where the viewer can look through to see a bunch of Barbies melting. Another piece is a neighborhood constructed from Duplos that the viewer can walk around and see suspicious activities dolls are doing behind closed doors. The other pieces continue the theme of how satisfying and disturbing it is to watch childhood toys being destroyed or “misused” and voyeurism in a suburban neighborhood.

The exhibition runs from January 27 – February 28, 2016 in Gallery Space 119, Art and Interactive Multimedia Building, The College of New Jersey.

Gallery hours:
Tuesday – Thursday: 12-7pm
Sunday: 1-3pm