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Celebration of Student Achievement 2022!!


It’s time to celebrate, because next Tuesday, April 26th, is TCNJ’s official Celebration of Student Achievement Day!

Please scroll down to see a schedule of events Art & Art History Department and Graphic Design students will be participating in, as well as other art-related presentations!


Presenters and mentors are invited to a celebratory lunch in the AIMM Conference Room from 12-2pm!

Support your classmates and be sure to visit these exciting presentations, and join in the open
mural painting session in AIMM 102, open from 10-4pm!
A college-wide reception will be held on Sundial Lawn from 5-6pm.
* Rain Space: Education 212

Anthology | Senior BFA Fine Art and Photography/Video Thesis Exhibition
Presenters: Carly McKenzie, Andrew Serge, Caitlin Hackett, Heather Simpson, Ji-Yoon Han, Joe Om, John Linaris, Kailee Lockwood, Lauren Schweighardt, Luke Sulsenti, Mia Decker-Steckhahn, Ren Maclean, Shana Scavelli, Sarah Quiles
Mentor: Elizabeth Mackie
Location: AIMM Art Gallery
Time: 2:15-3:15 pm and 3:30-4:30pm
Senior Projects in Design and Creative Technology
Presenters: Giovanna Galina, David Kim. Celeste Krewson, Kira Edgar, Kaitlyn Walters, Christopher Marcantonio, Hadassah Green, Allie DelDuca, Patrick Merklee, Jack Brubaker, Dalton Hutchinson, Josh Shoenfelt, Jason Sekora
Mentors: Chris Ault, Warren Buckleitner, Jason Alejandro
Location: AIMM 202
Time: 12:30-2pm
Examining Grief in Contemporary Art from a Global Perspective
Presenter: Ren Maclean
Mentor: Dr. Deborah Hutton
Location: Social Sciences Building 223
Time: 8:45-9:05am
Art Education: Lessons From Clinical Practice II
Presenters: Hannah Coward, Julianna DiMeola, Renee Garzillo, Nicole Krok, Julia Pfaar, Julia Rogers, Alyssa Stachura, Morgan Sebasto, Megan Ziegel
Mentor: Matthew Pembleton
Location: AIMM Lobby
Time: 9am-5pm
William Green House Virtual Artifact Gallery
Presenter: Sapphire Srigley
Mentor: George Leader
Location: Social Sciences Building 227
Time: 9:15-9:35am
A History of Convenience: Inside the “Lives” of American Girl’s Black and Indigenous Book Characters
Presenter: Lucy Fleischmann
Mentor: Mekala Audain
Location: Social Sciences Building 103
Time: 10-10:20am
Investigating the Longevity of Applied Patination on Contemporary Bronze Sculpture
Presenter: Robyn Abrams
Mentor: Dr. Carolina Blatt
Location: Rec Center
Time: 10-11am
Losing My Religion: Queerness in the Modern Renaissance
Presenter: Lucy Fleischmann
Mentor: Jayne Reinhard
Location: Social Sciences Building 103
Time: 2:45-3:05pm
The Fluidity of Sacred Spaces: Use and Re-Use of the Parthenon and Hagia Sophia
Presenter: Megan Healey
Mentor: Dr. Lee Ann Riccardi
Location: Bliss 151
Time: 3:30-3:50pm
Race, Gender, and the Visual Culture of Domestic Labor: Trade Cards and Postcards from the 1870s
Presenters: Lucy Fleishmann, Sapphire Srigley, Phoebe Abeles, Sarah Adamo, George Kapetanakis, Abhishta Tantry
Mentor: Satyasikha Chakraborty
Location: Social Sciences Building 232
Time: 3:30-4:30pm
Rebranding Kern’s Club Soda
Presenter: Xenia Huang
Mentor: Warren Buckleitner
Location: Mayo Hall Screening Room
Time: 3:35-3:55pm
Is Walt Disney World Art?
Presenters: Dylan Catania
Mentor: Richard Kamber
Location: Social Sciences Building 324
Time: 10:30-10:50am
Progress towards the Synthesis of Bulky Triisopropyl Substituted NNN Pincer Ligands and Coordination Complexes with Ruthenium and Palladium
Presenters: Emily Podd, Alexis Luglio
Mentor: Abby O’Connor
Location: Brower Student Center 100
Time: 10-11am
Open Mural Painting — No experience required, all are welcome!
Mentor: Dr. Carolina Blatt
Location: AIMM 102
Time: 10am-4pm