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William Nyman

Medical Leave, Fall – 2017

Prof. William Nyman has been an active professional in the graphic design community since 1977. He received his BFA at Parsons School of Design and MFA from Long Island University. With his first job in New York City as art director, he quickly had to learn the ropes… quickly finding that everything was due yesterday. Prof. Nyman has worked over the years in prominent design studios, an ad agency and a major publishing company. In 1990 Prof. Nyman teamed with a colleague to form Nyman Nouri Associates, Inc., a graphic design and professional photography studio.

This was a creative task to merge scholarly activity real world assignments and bring them back to compliment the classroom experience. Through this activity Prof. Nyman has compiled broad and diverse creative portfolio with national and international projects. He is an award-winning visual communications artist with numerous credit and awards from local and national creative design organizations.

Coming from a traditional graphic design background, Prof. Nyman brings to the student insight and value of original creative conceptualization. Coupled with his high-tech knowledge of computer programs, processes and techniques, Prof. Nyman assists the graphic design student in advancing their ideas’ to reality.


Since 1965 I’ve been in the dark… darkroom that is. From the age of 9 with my Kodak Instamatic, given to me from my Swedish born grandfather, I’ve been hooked. I remember going to the basement of my grandpa’s vintage Brooklyn brownstone, There, amazingly aside from the coal pile and furnace to heat the apartments above was – the darkroom. There, my images began.

“In whatever one does, there must be a relationship between the eye and the heart. With the one eye that is closed, one looks within, with the other eye that is open, one looks without.”
~ Henri Cartier-Bresson


  • Computers For Designers, Advanced Typography, 3d Graphic Design, Identity, Photography I, Photography II, and Words And Image


Office: AIMM 338
Phone: (609) 771-2590
Graphic Design Website:
Fine Art Photography Website: