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Liberal Learning Requirement

Liberal Learning History Waiver

Art students who have taken four art history courses (AAH prefix or AAV250/History of Graphic Design), can have the Liberal Learning history requirement waived.

Any student not required to take four art history courses may elect to do so and consequently have the LL history requirement waived.

Students taking five or more art and design history courses within the major still need 2 courses in the domain of BSCP (Behavioral, Social, and Cultural Perspectives) & SCHP (Social Change in Historical Perspectives)

Civic Responsibilities

The fulfillment of these goals is achieved by completing major or liberal learning courses designated as meeting each requirement.

All Art Education majors are exempt from the Race & Ethnicity requirement.

All “Non-western” art history courses fulfill the Global requirements

Transfer students with 8 course units are exempt from Civic Responsibilities and Freshman Seminar Program course requirements.

4D is not a requirement for the students who choose the old model