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Why Should I Study in the Department of Art & Art History

The Department of Art and Art History offers the Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) in Art Education and in Art History and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) in Visual Arts (with specializations in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Photography/Video) Students may minor Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Photography/Video and Art History.

The Department of Art and Art History is committed to providing programs of study, which develop a high level of conceptual and technical ability, resources beyond the studio and the classroom for a broader education in the arts, exposure to and understanding of electronic media and methods of communication, and a balance between a demanding course of professional study and a liberal arts education.


Each major’s curriculum has been carefully crafted to establish fundamental knowledge within the first two years leading to specialized courses that develop high-level conceptual and technical abilities.

  • For the Art Educator we support and guide student teachers through studio engagement, Art education core curricula and student teaching.
  • For the Art History major, students progress from introductory period surveys to specialized courses on narrowly focused topics or issues, combined with internships or study abroad to prepare them for graduate school or the workplace.
  • For the Visual Artist, we emphasize professional development through internships, the applying to juried exhibitions and assembly of professional portfolio, CV, and artist statement.