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Guest Artist Lecture: Dana Levy: Tuesday, November 24 at 12:30 PM, AIMM 125

Israeli artist Dana Levy is known for her poetic video and photographic works, which often investigate boundaries between the natural and man-made. Levy works with video and digital photography, and deals mostly with memory, identity, and home, often as a temporary place. Her latest works include mostly nature, still life and animals. Her photographic series “Habitat” and the video “Disengagement,” were produced during Israel’s disengagement from Gaza. In both, she explores the challenge of expressing emotion with the absence of people. In her recent work, “The Wake,” Levy released 100 live butterflies in the Entomology department of a natural history museum. For her, “the work explores themes such as revolution, awakening from suppression, resurrection, transition, and most of all – freedom.”

Tuesday 12:30-1:30PM; AIMM125
All are welcome!

Dany Levy-WakeDana Levy-Silent-Among-Us2W copyDana Levy-DisengagementW