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AAV 200 Sophomore Review for Visual Arts

All Visual Art majors must participate in a faculty review of their studio work midway through their tenure in the Art and Art History Department. A portfolio representing all studio courses taken at The College will be presented during the spring semester of their sophomore year. Transfer students will have the review during the second semester of their junior year. The review is pass/fail.

Students must submit the portfolios on SlideRoom no later than April 19th, 11:59pm, and participate in an in-person meeting with faculty on April 26th.

Link to SlideRoom can be found here.

Please view this form to access the official Sophomore Review Rubric/Checklist.

How To Prepare for Sophomore Review


Schedule for Sophomore Review (Fine Art & Photo/Video)

Schedule pending


There is no cost to use SlideRoom for Sophomore Reviews.


All TCNJ Visual Arts majors are required to participate in a Sophomore Review midway through their tenure (i.e., sophomore Spring semester) in the Department of Art and Art History. Participation is required of all Sophomore-level students who began as freshmen at TCNJ and transfer students below junior status (i.e., 15.99 units or below) at the time of acceptance to the college. Transfer students who entered the college as juniors are exempt from the Sophomore Review, as their admissions portfolio served as the qualifying review.


The Sophomore Review has two components: an Art Portfolio that must be posted on SlideRoom, and an in-person meeting with faculty. The review is graded on the basis of pass/fail.

Students are required to demonstrate a firm understanding of the primary objectives of their course of study and faculty will evaluate students’ strengths and discuss areas that may require further development.

The Art Portfolio must include: (a) Personal background information; (b) Two works from each studio course completed at TCNJ; and (c) A written narrative statement.

The in-person meeting will consist of a 15-20 minute review with a faculty panel.
Students should be prepared to engage in an active and meaningful dialogue with faculty about their personal artistic development and describe the ways in which learned course content relates to their artmaking process. Students should be prepared to discuss their written narrative statements, and to answer specific technical and theoretical questions that reflect the knowledge they have been expected to acquire by the end of sophomore year.


The primary goal of the Sophomore Review is to provide students the opportunity to present and discuss their studio work and to receive constructive feedback from faculty. The reviews helps to ensure that students are on track in terms of technical and conceptual development and are progressing successfully in their course of study.


Students are required to submit their portfolio on SlideRoom in advance of an in-person meeting with faculty. For Spring 2015, students must submit the portfolios on SlideRoom by Wednesday, April 22nd, and there will be an in person meeting with faculty on Wednesday, April 29th.


Sophomore Qualifying Review Portfolio Requirements

In order to participate in the Sophomore Review, students are required to submit an art portfolio in SlideRoom: Link found here. Using SlideRoom for the Sophomore Review allows faculty members to review student work as well as provide documentation of the work submitted. The portfolio should be submitted on SlideRoom at least two weeks prior to the student’s scheduled Sophomore Review meeting.

Please view this form to access the official Sophomore Review Rubric/Checklist.

The portfolio consists of the following three components:
1. Personal Background Information
2. Digital Images of Artwork: Include two works of art from each studio course completed at TCNJ.
3. 300-word Narrative Essay

1. Personal Background Information

Please prepare to include the following criteria in SlideRoom:
a. Name
b. TCNJ Email Address
c. PAWS ID Number
d. Phone Number
e. Major (and Specialization)
f. Minor
g. Number of Units Transferred
h. List of AAV courses taken at TCNJ. Please include instructor name and semester/year

2. Digital Images of Artwork

Include approximately 23 images of original work demonstrating your artistic, conceptual, and technical skills, creativity, and aesthetic ability. Please choose your two strongest artworks from each studio class taken at TCNJ. An additional three more works of personal choice should be included which reflect your creative interest. Professional presentation of the work is important. Please present documentation that is in-focus, well lit and shows your best work. As you submit your artwork on SlideRoom, please include the following information:
a. Title
b. Date of completion
c. Material(s)
d. Dimensions
e. Course in which this work was created. Include Course Prefix, Number, and Name. (e.g., AAV 111 Drawing)
f. Instructor of the course
g. Semester and Year of Course
h. What is the Technical Focus?
i. What is the Conceptual Focus?
j. 1-2 Sentence Description
k. State one element of art or principle of design that is strongly represented in the artwork.

3. Narrative Statement

In no more than 300 words, please write a narrative statement about your artmaking practice. Please be prepared to discuss your essay during the in-person meeting. The department encourages you to include the following information:

  • Describe how you see your artmaking develop further over the next two years.
  • Describe your strength(s) and area(s) of needed improvement as an artist or designer.
  • Describe your personal artistic goals in relation to your conceptual and technical development.
  • Describe your sources of inspiration (e.g., What artists, designers, and/or scholars inspire you? Where do you find new and interesting ideas/art/design?)


SlideRoom Instructions

Please follow the SlideRoom submission instructions carefully. If you experience difficulty uploading your artwork, you must contact SlideRoom technical support at for assistance. Please allow one day for a response. You may also consult the SlideRoom Helpdesk at For SlideRoom Applicant FAQ, please visit

The maximum file size that SlideRoom will accept is 5MB for images and 60MB for video. For good image quality and fast upload the ideal image size is 1280 x 1280 pixels at 72 dpi. The recommended files for images include: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .tif, .tiff, .bmp, and .tga. The recommended files for video include: .m4v, .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .flv, .asf, .mpeg, .mpg, and .mkv. SlideRoom does not accept files that have invalid characters in their filenames.


Evaluation and Outcome

A passing review is required for graduation. No more than two attempts are allowed. A no-show for either attempt will result in a failing grade.

Based on the review, the student:

  1. Passes the review and continues study in the Department
  2. Fails the first attempt and undergoes one additional review during the following semester
  3. Fails the second attempt and enrolls in another course of study.

Notification via email will come from the Department office within two weeks after the review. Students who fail the first review must repeat it the following fall. Students will automatically be enrolled in the next semester’s review.


Contact Us

For all inquiries, please contact the Art and Art History Department Chair or the Office of the Art and Art History Department at