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Transfer Students

General Guidelines

Students transferring to TCNJ who have completed AA or AS degrees (NOT AAS) from New Jersey public community colleges are waived from Liberal Learning requirements.

Transfer students with 8 or more course units are exempt from meeting the civic responsibilities requirement and taking an FSP course.

Residency Requirement: A minimum of 12 courses must be taken within the TCNJ’s Department of Art & Art History. “Credits by exam” doesn’t count as one of the twelve.

Transfer students who entered the program as a freshmen or sophomore will have a Sophomore Review during the second semester of their junior year.

Transfer students cannot exceed the following number of units to TCNJ:

  • 16 course units (64 credits) from a community college 
  • 20 course units (80 credits) from a four-year college
  • Combination of 2 & 4 year college: 16 course unit as the maximum for 2 year
  • Three course units transferred during the senior year

Once the maximum number of transfer credits has been accepted, students may not transfer additional credits to replace those already accepted.

For transfer students who want to pursue a minor, be aware one-half of the courses required for the minor must be completed at TCNJ.

Evaluation Process

Transfer applicants who are admitted to TCNJ receive an “official” transfer credit evaluation with their admission materials. Credits are evaluated by an Academic Evaluator in the Office of Records and Registration, only occur after an applicant has been admitted. Please be sure all official transcripts have been submitted to TCNJ. If a student attended a NJ Community College, s/he should refer to the NJTransfer website for transfer equivalencies.

After the “official” review, all transfer credits and course equivalents are posted on the student’s PAWS account. Transfer courses are sometimes accepted as general or liberal learning courses. If a student would like to request that a transfer course fulfill a specific course requirement for the major, the Department can review the coursework and syllabus. To transfer courses into the Department of Art and Art History, please see the information below.

Transfer Courses in the Department of Art and History

For a 100-level foundation Visual Arts (AAV) course

Please contact the Department Chair, Professor Liselot van der Heijden at, or the appropriate program coordinator. The Chair, or coordinator, must review a portfolio with 3-5 artworks from the course and the course syllabus/description/assignment sheets.

  • Foundation courses that can be considered for transfer include AAV 111 Drawing, AAV 113 3-D, AAV 130 Photo I, and AAV 140 4-D.
  • Transfer courses typically are not accepted for AAV 112 2-D since AAV 112 2-D includes a digital component. If the 2-D transfer course includes a digital component, the Department Advisor can review the portfolio with 3-5 artworks from the course and course syllabus/description.
  • Transfer courses typically are not accepted for AAV 102 Visual Thinking.


For a 200-level Intermediate (or 300-level advanced) Visual Arts (AAV) Course in Fine Art or Photo/Video Art

Please contact the Fine Art and Photo/Video Art Coordinator, Anita Allyn at


For a 200-level intermediate (or 300-level advanced) Visual Arts (AAV) course in Graphic Design

Please contact the Graphic Design Coordinator, Belinda Haikes at

The area coordinator must review a portfolio with 3-5 artworks from the course and the course syllabus/description/assignment sheets.

  • As per College policy, 300 and 400-level transfer courses are generally not accepted. Typically, 2-year community college courses cannot fulfill the requirements of advanced 300-level studio courses.


Typically, no Art Education (AAE) transfer courses are accepted. For Art History (AAH) courses, please contact an Art History ProfessorFor Visual Arts (AAV) courses, please contact the appropriate professor, as stated below, and schedule a meeting to review your artwork and syllabus/description for each course you wish to have evaluated.