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Arts Administration and Cultural Entrepreneurship Minor

Students attain cross-disciplinary preparation for leadership or management roles in arts organizations and cultural settings through an Arts Administration and Cultural Entrepreneurship Minor. The program combines preparation in arts leadership with business courses in management and marketing through a partnership between the School of the Arts and Communication and the School of Business.

Students interested in working in museums, galleries, arts centers, nonprofits, cultural sites, and other arts and performance venues benefit from high-impact experiences and hands-on practice in The Center for the Arts and partner organizations. This minor offers flexible options to complement a Visual Art, Art History and Visual Culture, Art Education, Music, Communications, Design & Creative Technology or Business major. 

This minor requires each student to take 5 courses, including a two-course sequence, two electives, and a culminating internship. 


AAD Sequence (2 course units)

  • AAD 220 Introduction to Arts Administration: Leadership in the Arts 1 course unit
  • MGT/AAD 225 Arts Management & Marketing 1 course unit

Electives (2 course units)

  • Elective
  • Elective (300 level or above)

Internship (1 course units)

  • AAV 399 Internship in Visual Art or MUS 399 Internship in Music 1 course unit


When selecting electives, majors from the School of the Arts and Communication should select electives from AAD or the School of Business. Majors in the School of Business should choose AAD courses or other courses from the School of the Arts and Communication as electives. Majors from other schools may choose from any of the courses listed below.

Art and Art History Courses

  • AAD 350 Community Engaged Art (no prerequisites)
  • AAE 370 Special Topics: Museum Education 
  • AAH 370 Special Topics: Decolonizing the Museum
  • AAH 370 Special Topics: Curatorial Activism
  • AAV 102 Visual Thinking (for majors outside of Art & Art History only, no prerequisites)
  • AAV 270/370 Special Topics: Mural Art (no prerequisites)
  • AAV 391 Independent Study (by department approval)
  • AAV 461 Professional Practice 

Music Courses

  • MUS 391 Independent Study (by department approval)
  • MUS 455 Issues in Music Performance Studies 
  • MUS 494 Bachelor of Arts in Music Capstone 

Marketing Courses

MGT 370/MGT 225 Arts Management as a prereq to any MKT course

  • MKT 310 Marketing Research
  • MKT 365 Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 380 Advertising
  • MKT 370 Special Topics: Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing 

Management Courses

  • MGT 201 Management Principles and Practices
  • MGT 301 Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 381 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • MGT375/BUS 375  Innovation

Finance Courses

  • FIN 239 Personal Finance
  • FIN 370 Financial Reporting/Excel Applications of Financial Reporting  

For questions and additional information about the minor, please contact Prof. Liselot van der Heijden

      Students working on the archives.Students working on art projects.