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Portfolio Requirements


Join us for our next Art Folio Day, during the November 20th Lions Day Open House! Register here.

For questions about Art Folio Day, please contact the Department of Art and Art History at or 609-771-2652.



Acceptance to the Visual Arts major requires a successful portfolio review as well as admission by the College. Portfolio submission is required for Visual Art and Dual Visual Arts/Education students enrolled in one of the following programs: Deaf Education and Art (DEAR), Early Childhood Education and Art (ECAR), Elementary Education and Art (ELAR), or Special Education and Art (SEAR).


Note: Portfolios are OPTIONAL for Art Education applicants.


A strong complete Art Folio (portfolio) from high school seniors or transfer applicants could meet the portfolio requirement for admission to the Art Education and Visual Arts majors, although applicants would still have to submit the remaining required academic criteria for admission and be comprehensively reviewed prior to admission to the college. Students are encouraged to show their work even as juniors or if their portfolio is incomplete.

Our faculty members are happy to provide advice on how to improve the portfolio before final submission. The portfolio consultation is the same for all majors and specializations.

View Current Student Work


For students submitting their portfolio online via SlideRoom, please use this link.

The portfolio should consist of the following three components:

Digital images of 6-12 works of art *


Professional presentation of the work is important. Please present documentation that is in-focus, well lit and shows your best work.

For all applicants:

All work must be original. Copies of other artists’ work including anime, cartoons, graffiti or tattoos should not be included in the portfolio. If possible, please also include at least one image from a sketchbook.

Please note that a strong portfolio at Art Folio Day could meet the portfolio requirements for admission to the Art Education and Visual Arts major. If a student would like to be considered for a talent-based scholarship, a SlideRoom portfolio is required.

To conform to our viewing format, each still image file may be no larger than 5 MB and no larger than 60MB for video. Please note that image files may be jpeg, png, bmp, or tiff format. Video (file formats include .m4v, .mov, .mp4, .wmv, .flv, .asf, .mpeg) are considered as part of your selection of 6-12 files and should not be used as a method of showing examples of additional still images. Do not include titles or credits within the videos. If you wish to submit a longer video, you may post the video to your own Web site, YouTube or Vimeo and provide a screenshot with a link in the application. If you are including a link to a video, please provide details such as title, running time and date created.

Do not format images in any presentation program (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote), or include composite images (more than one work per file).

* For students interested in Art Education and Fine Arts, include 6-12 images of original works demonstrating the applicant’s drawing and technical skills, creativity, and aesthetic ability. A substantial part of the portfolio should feature drawings (still life, figure, self-portrait, and assorted sketches).

* For students interested in Photography and Video, a portfolio with a substantial amount of photographs and/or video is required. You may supplement the portfolio with additional works including a range of drawing, sculpture, graphics or mixed-media.

A numbered list indicating the title, materials and dimensions of the work


Include a numbered image list along with your submitted work. Indicate your name, date of completion, materials, and dimensions of the individual pieces.

A one-page personal essay


Please include a one-page, single-spaced statement that includes a brief description of who you are and your experience in art and life. Your essay should include your major artistic and academic goals, and your reasons for wanting to either study art education or specialize in the visual arts.

Please follow the SlideRoom submission instructions carefully. Please DO NOT mail a portfolio CD or DVD. If you experience difficulty uploading your artwork, you must contact SlideRoom technical support at for assistance. Please allow one day for a response. You may also consult the Slideroom Helpdesk and FAQ at SlideRoom Support.

Internal transfer application for current TCNJ students

Current TCNJ students planning to transfer into the Art Education or Visual Arts major must submit a portfolio via SlideRoom. Internal applicants should use the Internal Transfer SlideRoom portal at this link.

Note: Portfolio submission is OPTIONAL for Art Education students for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Internal transfer applications are rolling, but it is recommended that students submit their portfolio by the first week of October or the first week of March. This allows adequate time for faculty to review portfolios, advise students, and process change of major paperwork prior to spring or fall registration. Please contact the program coordinators with any questions.

SAT or ACT scores are optional for all applicants. Extra consideration will be placed on the applicant’s high school transcript, extracurricular involvement, and art portfolio.


Image Credit: Kaitlyn Walters, Graphic Design, Class of ’22