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Studio Interviews: 2020 TCNJ BFA Fine Art Students

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Just as they were making the last-minute preparations for their senior exhibition, the artists who make up TCNJ’s 2020 BFA graduating class faced unexpected challenges: the TCNJ campus closed, and the students had to relocate their studios, rethink their practice, and figure out how to host online exhibitions of their work. As these talented, resilient students prepared for their new, online final exhibition, we asked our intrepid TCNJ gallery assistants to interview each of the students about their new plans, and how they’ve adapted to this disruption. We enjoyed reading about these artists and learning about how they’re finding new outlets and new opportunities to remain creative — and hope you will, too.


illustrated person wearing suit and tie

Zoe Adams interviewed by Lily Gilston


dark photo of person wearing mask

Jenna Compagnucci interviewed by Lily Gilston


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Maria Degenova interviewed by Lily Gilston



Anita Genovese interviewed by Annika Marthinuss



Brandon Jones interviewed by Annika Marthinuss



Mackenzie Mabin interviewed by Annika Marthinuss



Stephanie Makrancy interviewed by Shayla Nolan



Haley Mosseri interviewed by Shayla Nolan



Colleen Sanders interviewed by Isabella Mancuso



Emma Walby interviewed by Isabella Mancuso