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About the Department

Find the creative inspiration—and build a practical foundation—for life in the arts. Options in art education, art history, and visual arts specializations in fine arts, graphic design and lens-based art, develop conceptual and technical ability, allowing you to realize your potential for creative projects, artistic expression, and scholarly research. Under the close guidance of renowned faculty mentors, master your craft while grounding your work in theory and analysis of visual culture. Challenge yourself as a practicing artist in public projects—exhibitions and performances, scholarly papers and community workshops—that also prepare you for an arts career.

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First Year Foundation

Choose a visual arts major for strong core courses taught by renowned artist-teachers.

Great Spaces

Create, contemplate, and curate art. Great spaces—like our expansive AIMM Building—spark great work.

Global Perspectives

Cultivate a worldview with travel-study, an international faculty, and the NYC and Philly art scenes.

  • Jessica Hargwood
  • Tracy Lee
  • We're so excited to round out this great year, and celebrate our graduating seniors of the class of 2022! In preparation for the festivities, please see our 2022 Commencement | Art & Art History Department form where you can RSVP for the upcoming Department celebrations, and share your photos, intended plans post-graduation, memories or special experiences, anything you'd like to share with us! Get featured online as part of our Senior Spotlight Campaign! Learn more and RSVP here.
    We're Celebrating the Graduating Class of 2022!
  • Joe Arnold
  • YRosado
  • Jess Faith
  • Arielle Fouks
  • Danielle Mcdermott