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AAE Graduation and Certification Requirements

Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate, art education students must apply for “Conferment of Degree” (through PAWS) on or before the beginning of the semester in which they will complete ALL requirements.

Requirements include:

  1. Fulfillment of all courses and units
  2. Qualification score of 158 or higher on the Praxis II test: Art Content Knowledge (Test Code: 0134 or 5134).
  3. State Health & Physiology requirement for certification.
  4. Completed HIB Training
  5. Completed application for the NJ initial teaching certificate. During the semester that a student plans to graduate, s/he should obtain the required forms from TCNJ’s Certification Office.

Praxis Tests

Art Education students must take the Praxis II Test: Art Content Knowledge (Test Code: 5134) prior to student teaching. It is strongly recommended students take the test during the Spring of their junior year. This test is a requirement of the state and is a mandatory component of the NJ initial teaching certification application. Students must meet a qualifying score of 158 prior to graduation. When registering for the test, be certain to list the NJ State Department of Education as a score recipient (R7666), and provide TCNJ’s Certification Office with a copy of the first and last page of the score report, as “sub-scores” are not provided by ETS. Please verify that the social security number on the score report is correct. Register for the test through the Praxis website. Information about the Art Content Knowledge test can be found here. For further information contact the college’s Certification Office at 609-771-2408.

If you plan to teach in other states, you will need to check the PRAXIS website to learn what tests are required for art teaching. You should also visit the website of the state’s Department of Education. Because NJ has reciprocity with many states, once you receive your NJ teaching certificate, you may be qualified to teach in other states. Please note that certain states may require additional PRAXIS tests and requirements. Additional information is posted on TCNJ’s Certification Office website.

Substitute Teaching in New Jersey

Most K-12 school districts in New Jersey accept substitute teaching applications from college students who have completed 60 credits (or 15 units) of coursework. During their junior year, candidates should contact administrative offices of any NJ local school district, where the substitute teacher application process begins. Requirements of the substitute teaching application may include: W-4 form, I-9 form, ID, Mantoux PPD tuberculin test, 2 money orders, Criminal history check, Sagem Morpho Criminal History Verification form, signed oath of allegiance, and official transcript showing at least 60 credits (15 units). The substitute teaching certification is valid for 5 years. For additional information about substitute teaching, please visit the Certification Office.

New Jersey State Health & Physiology Requirement

Art Education students need to meet the New Jersey State Health & Physiology Requirement for teaching certification. Students must take a biology, nutrition, anatomy & physiology, health/wellness issues, personal/family/community health, OR a Health and hygiene test in the TCNJ Certification Office (ext 2396). This requirement must be met prior to graduation.

Initial Teaching Certification in New Jersey

Students must apply for the NJ initial teaching certificate during their final semester. Undergraduate students can obtain a NJ certification application from TCNJ’s Certification Office (available during the first 2 months of the semester they plan to graduate). All applicants must return the following items to TCNJ’s Certification Office: NJ certification application, NJ certification fee, and Praxis score report copy. For information about teaching certification, please contact TCNJ’s Certification Office. Additional information about NJ Teaching Licensure and Credentials can be found on the State of NJ Department of Education.