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Dual Education & Art

Education and Visual Arts Dual Major

For students who are interested in art, but would like to teach in the general elementary classroom or special education (i.e., not become a K-12 art teacher), the Department of Art and Art History offers a 10 course Education and Art Dual Major. Student teaching for students enrolled in the Dual Major is completed in the regular elementary or special education classroom (i.e., not an art classroom). Please see the primary major in the School of Education (e.g., Elementary Education or Special Education) for additional information.

Students who are interested in teaching art (at the elementary, middle, or high school level) should major in Art Education (Art Teacher Preparation, K-12). The Art Education major, which is housed in the School of Arts and Communication consists of 23 art-related courses and leads to Art Teaching Certification. Student teaching for art education is performed in the art classroom, in both the elementary and secondary schools. Please see for additional information.

Visual Arts Dual Major for Students enrolled in the School of Education

The Dual Visual Arts Major is offered to students enrolled in one of the following programs: Deaf Education and Art (DEAR), Early Childhood Education and Art (ECAR), Elementary Education and Art (ELAR), or Special Education and Art (SEAR). A portfolio review is required to enter the major. The major consists of 10 courses and requires a 2.75 cumulative grade point average and a minimum grade of C in all major courses. A minimum grade of C is required in all 10 major courses. Students enrolled in the Visual Arts Dual Major must take a minimum of six courses in TCNJ’S Department of Art and Art History.

Students enrolled in the Visual Arts Dual Major must take the following 10 courses:
1. AAV 111 Drawing
2. AAV 112 2-D
3. AAV 113 3-D
4. AAV 140 4-D
5. AAV 102 Visual Thinking

Studio Concentration:
6. AAV 213 Sculpture
7. AAV 215 Painting
8. AAV 2XX Intermediate-Level Art Studio (e.g., AAV 211 Drawing II, AAV 214 Printmaking I, AAV 216 Fiber Art, AAV 217 Ceramics, or AAV 218 Book Arts), AAV 3XX Advanced-Level Art Studio (e.g., AAV 313 Sculpture II or AAV 315 Painting II), AAV 130 Photography I, AAE 220 Foundations in Art Education, or AAE 250 Curriculum in Art Education

Art History:
9. Art of the European Tradition: Survey Course (AAH 101, 102, or 253)
10. Asian, Islamic, African, or Native-American Art (AAH 210, 211, or 212)

Recommended First Year Program of Study: Dual Visual Arts/Education Majors
AAV 111/Drawing I 1 course unit
AAV 112/2-D 1 course unit
Education Major Course 1 course unit
Education Major Course 1 course unit

AAV 102/Visual Thinking 1 course unit
AAV 113/3-D or AAV 140/4-D (or AAH 101 or 102) 1 course unit
Education Major Course 1 course unit
Education Major Course 1 course unit

Total for Year: 8 course units