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Study Abroad

Having fun learning about Madrid with our city guide Ines Alhambra, Spain

Many students study abroad for a semester, a year, or through shorter faculty led programs. Faculty from the department are actively involved as leaders of art related programs. Some popular sites for our students are Australia, Cuba, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, and Spain. The college offers many other opportunities to choose form and works closely with students to make sure they have a successful and enriching experience.


Upcoming Study Abroad Trips

Landmark Series: The Art and Culture of France

June 11th – July 3rd, 2019

Deadline: February 15th


London: Exploring London Through the World of Art and Chemistry

Summer 2019

Deadline: February 15th

Landmark Series: The Art and Culture of France

Lead by Dr. Lois Fichner-Rathus & Dr. Lee Ann Riccardi


Students giving a report on the Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


Seize this magnfcent opportunity to get to know Paris, its most important landmarks and
works of art, and the most impressive sights in Normandy! Students will study significant
monuments, museum collections, and other cultural sites in and nearby these French cities.
As the course progresses, students will construct a history of France through its art and
culture—a place with ancient Roman beginnings that would emerge as the wellspring of
modern thought.

Veteran TCNJ faculty program directors Dr. Fichner-Rathus and Dr. Riccardi will lead
students and showcase the most important sites of artistic and archaeological
significance, from Roman Gaul to the Centre Pompidou of the modern era. Students
without any prior background in art or art history are welcome to join in the adventure!

London: Exploring London Through the World of Art and Chemistry 

Lead by Elizabeth Mackie, Associate Professor of Art and Dr. Lynn Bradley, Professor of Chemistry


 London 2014-WEB


Through the exploration of art practices and the basic principles of chemistry, students will
evaluate current and past practices in art and explore how art and science interface in a modern
metropolis. Students will appreciate how science plays a role in creating art and how art may
inspire scientific discovery—all in the shadow of Buckingham Palace!

Field trips to museums, galleries, sculpture gardens, public parks, churches, and other venues to
view art in London are integral to the course. A course highlight includes an overnight visit to Bath
and Lacock Village (filming of Harry Potter). Topics include sculpture, textiles, photography, stained
glass, and paper-making, along with a newly designed laboratory component that explores
chemical concepts and the properties of materials. The course also focuses on experiencing the
cultural aspects of British life and history; students will keep a journal of their daily experiences,
discuss their observations, and work on a final photography project that reflects on chemistry, art,
and British culture.