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Sophomore review for Art Education

AAE 200: Sophomore Review for Art Education (0 units)- Spring 2019


The Art Education Sophomore Review is a qualifying assessment to help monitor student learning and progress. The review ensures students meet the teacher education requirements of the state of New Jersey and TCNJ’s Department of Art and Art History. The review will determine students’ strength and abilities and areas of needed improvement as assessed by faculty in the Art Education program. The Sophomore Review is required for all art education students enrolled in AAE 250 (i.e., Spring of the Sophomore year). Please plan to submit the required information below on Canvas (AAE 200 course).


The Review consists of five components:

  1. Portfolio (submit on Canvas as one pdf file, 5 MB max)
    • Completed Rubric (top of page and column 2)
    • Personal Background Information
      • Name, TCNJ Email Address, PAWS ID Number, Phone Number, Major, Minor, GPA, and SAT/ACT/Praxis Score and Year Taken.
    • 250-300 word typed essay
      • Explores the candidate’s beliefs about art education (i.e., the importance of teaching the visual arts and/or the role art plays in K-12 schools)
    • Artwork
      • Eight works of art (with title, date, material, dimension, course name, college (where you took the course), 1-2 sentence description/meaning/conceptual focus) from eight different Visual Arts courses demonstrating your artistic, conceptual, and technical skills, creativity, and aesthetic ability. Include 2 images per page on template provided. Note: If you have not taken the recommended eight Visual Art courses, please include artwork from other AAV courses.
  1. GPA Requirement
    • Must have a 2.75 GPA or higher. Please submit an unofficial transcript from PAWS on Canvas.
  2. Passing Test Score Report: Academic Knowledge
    • Show proof of one of the following (submit test scores on Canvas):
  • SAT score of 560+ on Reading and 540+ on Math (if taken prior to 2/29/2016)
  • SAT score of 610+ on Reading & Writing (or 30+ Reading) and 570+ on Math (taken after 3/1/2016)
  • ACT score of 23 or higher
  • GRE- score of 155+ on Verbal and 156+ on Quantitative section
  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (combined test code: 5751)
    • Reading (Test # 5712) with a passing score of 156
    • Writing (Test # 5722) with a passing score of 162
    • Mathematics (Test # 5732) with a passing score of 150
  1. 30 hours of clinical experience (arranged and performed by the student)
    • Submit completed verification form on Canvas. Time spent in the schools as part of coursework should not be included. All students must have an additional 30 hours of clinical experience.
  2. Conference and advising meeting with program faculty
    • Will be scheduled by Department a week before the review, typically in March/April during the advising period

A passing review is required for graduation. No more than two attempts are allowed. A no-show for either attempt will result in a failing grade. Based on the review, the student: (1) Passes the review and continues study in the Program; (2) Provisionally passes the review, but must meet the GPA requirement, test score, and 30 hours of clinical experience by June 20th; (3) Fails the first attempt and undergoes and passes a second complete review by August 20th; or (4) Fails the second attempt in August and enrolls in another program of study.


All documentation must be posted on Canvas by the deadline. If the student does not pass the Sophomore Review (i.e., s/he does not meet all the requirements) by the end of August, the student is not permitted to continue study in any education program at TCNJ. This is in compliance with the teacher education requirements set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education. Results of the Sophomore Review will be submitted on Canvas within two weeks after the review.


Click this link to access AAE 200 Soph Review Rubric and Guidelines.